5 Curb Appeal Tricks To Attract Buyers During Coronavirus

COVID-19 brought illness, anxiety, and restrictions on how and where people can congregate, and if you're trying to sell a house during these times, it's just that much harder to show off your home. Having an open house has been out of the question in many areas, so homeowners and realtors are relying on photographs and maybe a quick walkthrough for serious prospective buyers.

Since touring the inside of your home is more difficult, the exterior of your home has to have that much more appeal to keep a potential buyer enticed into making an offer on your home. Curb appeal has always been important when selling a house, but with COVID-19 cutting down on the number of potential buyers that can easily go and see the inside, you'll want these techniques that can elevate the aesthetics of the exterior of your home.

Keep the Landscape Top-Notch

As one of the least expensive ways to make a huge improvement to your curb appeal, you absolutely can't ignore the lawn and landscaping that you already have. Make sure that the grass is trimmed, weeds are pulled, and trees are trimmed. You should also make a point to keep your grass watered, especially in the weeks leading up to the time that you list your home.

Light Up the Night

If someone who is thinking about buying a home notices your house and wants to give the exterior a second look before they schedule a tour of the inside, they might choose to drive past it at night. Make sure it looks inviting by having walkway lights, a front porch light, and other lighting details to give the house a soft glow.

The Garage Should Match the House

One of the biggest eyesores and potential points of confusion is a detached garage that doesn't coordinate with the house. Especially if the garage looks worn down, a garage that doesn't match the house looks sloppy. Plus, it can be confusing for visitors which driveway is yours if the houses on your street are very close together and the driveway is off to the side of the house. Paint the garage door the same color as the trim on the house, and the rest of the garage should be the same as the main color on the house.

Spruce of the Front Door

As one of the primary places that the eye gravitates toward when looking at the exterior from the street, the front door should look impeccable. When prospective home buyers walk through your front door, they'll be looking at the door handle, door finish, and any details that you've added, such as a kick plate and a screen door. If any one of these elements is worn, potential buyers will carry those impressions through to the rest of the house.

Repair the Driveway

If pouring a new driveway isn't in your budget, that's understandable, but there are some things that you can do to make your driveway look better kept. After pulling weeds, caulk the concrete where there are cracks. You should also repair concrete if there are any divots.

Selling a house during the pandemic has brought some extra challenges with it, but it can still be fairly easy to sell in this market. Put forth a few extra bits of effort on the exterior to create a truly inviting aesthetic.

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