Best Free Things You Can Do This Weekend In Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, is one of the most interesting and exciting places to be on the weekend. It features the perfect blend of historically significant monuments with modern conveniences and a lot of modern amenities. You can take a stroll through time while also enjoying the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside. When it comes to things you can do this weekend in Montgomery County, there are numerous options that will all make you happy.

Valley Forge National Historical Park

This is one of the most historical places in the entire country. It contains more than 3,452 acres, and it is home to where the country had one of its most famous military battles. If you are looking for a piece of history, this will be the place for you during the weekend. It is filled with numerous interesting military pieces from the time, and you can learn the history of what happened. It is also the perfect place to bring your family along for a great history lesson. You can experience the multiple museums and historic reenactments that dot the landscape on this trip.

Wissahickon Valley Park

You can spend the day away from the town by going through this beautiful and scenic trail. It features a wooded park with a small creek and the opportunity to hike. You will enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding area, and you might even get the opportunity to see some of the wildlife going around. There is information posted on the trail, so you can stop and take it all in.

Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine

Learn a small bit of Polish history and culture without having to get on a plane to Poland. There are several beautiful chapels around the shrine, and you will enjoy breathtaking views of the area. It is a great opportunity to connect deeply to your religious side.

National Memorial Arch

Built in 1917 to commemorate George Washington's Army that fought here in 1777 and 78, this Memorial arch features breathtaking architecture and the nature around it to match. It is a perfect place to be stunned by our nation's best architects, and you can even take in the scenery of the surrounding area.

Washington Memorial Chapel

This place is a beautiful historic chapel that features stained-glass with images of George Washington. This place is perfect for reliving some of the most historic moments in our nation's history and seeing beautiful nature around you at all times.

Peace Valley Park

It is named Peace Valley Park for a reason. You won't find many places more peaceful and tranquil than this. Go here for a romantic walk, or you can be alone with your thoughts while looking at local wildlife.

Fort Washington State Park

Take in some history while also getting exercise during your weekend visit to Montgomery County. This park has a lot of significance to the history of the country. You can also see bird migrations as they happen while experiencing beautiful nature and challenging terrain for biking, walking, or running.

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