Bucks County Favorites: Factory Girl Bake Shop

If you are looking for one of the best bakeries in Bucks County, then look no further than Factory Girl Bake Shop. Factory Girl is a bakery that believes in the value of classic good ingredients. Taste is the number one priority of this bakery, but apart from that, the bakery is dedicated to creating high-quality desserts. The baker is a female entrepreneur who has found her calling in baking. This bakery features breakfast pastries, afternoon treats, snacks for the evening, cookies, cream puffs, bread, cinnamon buns, and much more.

All About the Cake
This special bakery specializes in making elegant cakes that are simple, delicious, and decadent. This is a small shop, and the baker prefers to do smaller weddings. Over the course of Covid, the bakery has supplied delicious cakes for several micro weddings. A popular wedding cake is a three-tiered cake, and it can serve up to 100 guests. If you are interested in having more than 100 guests, then the baker can also offer you a five-tiered cake that serves up to 200, or you can choose to get cupcakes.

Flavors and Decorations
As far as decorations go, this bakery is all about the classic, simple and elegant. Since all of the food is baked from scratch, the cakes and cupcakes are created as close to the date of the event as possible. Seasonal flowers are used in order to decorate these classic cakes. The baker's favorite decorations are fresh flowers that are non-toxic and sourced from local growers whenever possible. Apart from that, the bakery has its own garden from which the baker is able to pick flowers as well. The bakery is also happy to work with any florist. Some of the flavors offered at this bakery are vanilla, chocolate, orange, almond, poppyseed, lemon, and coconut.

What You Won't Find Here
This is a small and modest bakery. You will not find things like specialty art cake, fondant, artificial flavors, fruit flavors, sugary flowers, and bright colors that are not natural. The Baker is dedicated to her creations, and she wants to give the highest quality, simple, and beautiful creations possible.

More About Factory Girl Bakery
The prices at Factory Girl Bake shop are reasonable for the amount of work and the quality that is put into each creation. If you are interested in booking a cake for a special event, then you do well to do so in advance. The shop is able to take on between two and four events per weekend. The bakery is open on Sundays between 9 and 12 PM for a walk-up service, and there is no pre-order needed for that time. Make sure to come early because the line can get long. Apart from that, you can pre-order baked goods from Wednesday through Sunday. Since this is a small bakery, they are only able to offer their goods until they are sold out. If you are looking for desserts that are tasty, made with care, and high-quality, then the Factory Girl Bake Shop is where you want to go when you are visiting Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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