How to Celebrate the 4th of July in 2021

The 4th of July is right around the corner. Have you decided how you are going to celebrate? While much of the country is on the path to recovery, it is still important to practice some precautions when reveling in the fun of Independence Day. Wondering what to do for the 4th of July in 2021? Here are five ways that you can safely celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Fire Up the Grill: A BBQ is a classic 4th of July activity. This can be done safely amidst the ongoing pandemic because you are gathering with friends and family outside. Be sure to practice proper social distancing measures during your event even if you are outdoors. If you are worried about food contamination, you can serve all of the side dishes in individual portions so that everyone is not handling the same serving ware.

Head to an Uncrowded Area: This is still not the year to head to a crowded beach or park to celebrate America. In order to reduce your risk of catching the virus, it is a better idea to visit an area that is a little off the beaten path. Try to pick a beach that does not traditionally draw big crowds of people. Or maybe this is the year that you want to head up to the mountains? The goal is to try to keep a distance from your family and others.

Decorate Your Home: This is a great time to go all out and decorate your home in festive red, white, and blue decorations. Since everyone is hanging close to home these days, you can bring the party into your own house and create a celebratory vibe using decorations. American flags, patriotic bunting, and a photo prop booth are all fun ways to make your home the place to be. Be sure to add to the vibe by playing festive music during your small gathering.

Watch a Virtual Fireworks Show: If you do not feel like taking the chance on the crowds by watching an in-person fireworks show, you may want to consider watching a virtual fireworks display. This is a great opportunity to watch a presentation by a city that you have always wanted to visit on this holiday. Get creative and "travel" the country this year.

Find a Pen Pal: This unprecedented time in history has been hard for everyone. One of the best ways to give back and show your patriotism is to become a pen pal with a member of the US military. There are plenty of organizations that will connect you with a military member so that you can exchange letters or emails. Try celebrating this holiday by putting together a special care package to send someone who is overseas serving our country. Honoring those that are giving so much to their country is a perfect way to celebrate this day in history.

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