How To Make Your Home Office The Biggest Selling Point For Homebuyers

Because of the pandemic, many workers have decided to work from home, making the home office an important room in the home. Because of this trend, making this room a selling point for homebuyers has become more important than ever.

Converting a Bedroom

If you don’t have a separate space to make an office, an unused bedroom can become the office in the home. Before you convert a bedroom to an office, you need to remember that home buyers also look for bedrooms. It might not work well if your 3 bedroom home suddenly becomes a 2 bedroom home.

The best way to do this is to convert an unused bedroom to an office in the home that can easily be converted back into a bedroom if necessary for the new homeowners.

You want your office to appeal to buyers that want an office in the home and to those who can envision it as an extra bedroom. This gives home buyers a choice.

Furnishing the Home Office

A desk doesn’t have to be extravagant. It should be big enough for a laptop or desktop computer and enough room to work comfortably. What you furnish the office with depends on the size of the room.

You don’t want it stuffed with furniture. An extra chair for guests, and a bookcase if the room is large enough. Update the closet by utilizing the available space. Use shelving and containers to store office supplies while also being able to store other items.

Update the lighting or add brighter LED bulbs to make the room bright and appear larger. If there are wood floors, add a nice rug for an added touch and some curtains. Keep the colors of the walls neutral. Colorful accents should be kept to the accessories of the room.

No Extra Bedroom

If your home has no extra bedroom to use, you might be able to utilize an unused area for an office. If you have a basement, you can add an office using partitions like a folding screen.

The space under the stairs can be made into an office, where it will be out of the way and a quiet place to work. Make it neat and have it well-lit with a good desk lamp.

Those interested in buying a home with an office look for enough electrical outlets, cable connections, and locations for wall-mounted routers.

Staging the Home Office

Stage the office in your home as you would other rooms in the home. Make sure it is free of clutter, clean, and void of personal objects. If shown during the day, open the curtains to let in the natural light. If shown at night, have the lights on, so the room is comfortably lit.

The office shouldn’t be too bland. Brighten up the room by adding colorful accents or a pretty plant to liven up the office. Make your office look warm and a place that is enjoyable to do work from.

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