Pandemic Home Buyer Trends That Are Never Going Away

Everyone has been affected by the economic and societal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, we were told that we would have to stay in our homes as much as we could, foregoing many of the social interactions and outside distractions that we had once taken for granted. Suddenly, our kitchens became our cafés, our backyards became our parks and the ambiance inside our living rooms became more important to us than it had ever been before.

This drastic shift from normal life to a “new normal” has been intense, and the memories of this period in history aren’t likely to fade in the foreseeable future. Today’s homebuyer is looking to purchase a living space that they wouldn’t mind quarantining in, even if they never have to.

The Value of Outdoor Spaces

Quarantine was tough on people without green spaces around their homes, so the value of yards has gone way up. Downtown isn’t where everyone wants to be these days, no matter how conveniently located those third-floor condos might be. If a home doesn’t have a yard or at least a porch with a little bit of grass, a lot of homebuyers are looking elsewhere.

A New Kind of Home Office

The switch to remote work and online school has affected the way that many homebuyers look at the home office. For one, a home office is an absolute must-have on many people’s home buying checklists these days. The other thing homebuyers are looking for in a home office that is compatible with videoconferencing.

Today’s ideal home office should have an area for a desk that is opposite an aesthetically pleasing backdrop. The home office should also be in an area with good acoustics and lighting, and it should be removed from everyday household chaos and clutter.

Clean and Spacious Areas

Speaking of uncluttered spaces, we are also seeing home buyer trends that reflect people’s desire for a safe, clean living space. Today, a home with an open floor plan is more sought after than a home that has many separated rooms. Minimalist décor, simple architecture, and neutral paint colors are seen as looking more “clean.” Homebuyers don’t want to feel like their living environment would be difficult to organize and sanitize.

Moving Out of the City

Perhaps the most noticeable home buying trend we are seeing lately is the move out of cities and into suburban and rural areas. People who may have lived in cities their entire lives are now looking for homes where they can enjoy more spacious rooms, more outdoor green areas, and less traffic. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many people to work remotely, and now these same people are realizing that being centrally located in a crowded city isn’t necessary anymore.

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