The Top Wine Trail You MUST Do When In Bucks County

What Is There To Do in Bucks Bounty?
Bucks County in Pennsylvania offers its visitors a variety of exciting and enjoyable attractions. Visitors to Bucks County enjoy visiting the following places: Washington Crossing Historic Park, Kid’s Castle, The 911 Memorial Gardens of Reflection, The Deerwood Alpaca Farm, Perry Mansion’s, The Bucks County Civil War Museum, and Peddler’s Village. Apart from those attractions, The Bucks County Wine Trail is a must-do for anyone who is traveling through Bucks County. This is where you will find the best wineries in Montgomery County.

What Are Some of The Wineries on The Bucks County Wine Trail?
The Bucks County Wine Trail offers world-class wineries that are within walking distance from each other. These wineries include: Buckingham Valley Vineyards, Crossing Vineyards and Winery, Rose Bank Winery, Rushland Ridge Vineyards, Sand Castle Winery, Wycombe Vineyards, and the newest addition which is Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery. On this trail, you are able to find seven family-owned wineries that are close to Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. The trail allows you to enjoy a unique tasting experience without having to travel too far from home.

Why is The Bucks County Wine Trail a Must Do?
When you visit The Bucks County Wine Trail, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience. You can take in the picturesque rolling hills of the trail while you sip on a tantalizing array of wines. Each one of these wineries is an experience in itself. Not only do these wineries offer their own signature wines, but you are also able to take a self-guided tour of each one of them. Apart from that, there are daily events that are enjoyable for your entire family. Not only are you able to taste a variety of amazing wines, but you can also learn about winemaking.

What to Plan for Your Trip to the Bucks County Wine Trail?
Since there is so much to see on the wine trail, you do well to pick out your route before arriving. In this way, you are able to visit all of the seven wineries. You may decide to stay at one of Bucks County’s charming B&Bs, and there is no doubt that you are going to want to enjoy the fine dining in the region. There are seasonal varieties of wine that are offered at each winery, so do some investigating of the wines that you can expect in the season that you will be traveling. If you will be traveling with a group of more than six people, then you should call the wineries in order to plan your own private group tasting. Savvy drinkers might choose to hire a touring company. This company can drive you and your group around so that you all can enjoy your wine without having to worry about the GPS and the car.

Visit the Best Wine Trail
The Bucks County Wine Trail truly has something to offer everyone. You do well to plan your trip well in advance so that you can enjoy the full Bucks County Wine Trail experience. It promises to be unforgettable.

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